Potential clients might not use Social Media and will be searching for an answer to their solution (YOU) on Google.

A POWER HOUR WITH MO, our Digital Guru will help you decide which way to go: If your Website isn’t working for you, you may wish her to critique your current Website, how it looks and behind the scenes, as no point rebuilding a new one if only a few tweaks are needed. Mo can often improve the success of your current Website being found through working on its SEO –  Search Engine Optimisation .

Perhaps you need a brand new Website that has great SEO that happens to be a customer magnet, which the Search Engines ie Google are proud to display at the top of their pages. Give Mo a budget and she will hold your hand and build you a stylish, affordable website which gets seen high on Google and you can easily edit.

Whilst we are on the subject of Websites, in case you are wondering what  Pay Per Click is, it is another way of generating income if you want to appear against a particular word, but you will need a budget to pay for each time someone clicks on your advert.

Importantly, 70% of people look at Websites on their phones, so everything has to be mobile friendly, too small or clunky to navigate and they will go elsewhere. Google even ranks companies better for having a mobile site.

Websites naturally need to look good, but they won’t win any awards if they are pretty, yet generate little sales interest or income. The average amount of time spent on a Website is seconds – so you have to be bold and quick. Fluffy, scrolling, ‘too clever’ websites turn people off – FACT! There are also those people who are forever ‘working on their website to be perfect’and never launching it. With some POWER HOUR tweaks, let us launch it and if it works, learn as we go along but let’s have your website start making you money.

The Frank Comms Website Design Service that we offer helps you every step of the way, from naming to hosting to optimisation and allows you to easily update it.
Potential customers will type in your actual web address or carry out a Search on what Keywords they are looking for in Google and the ‘Spiders/Webcrawlers’ will escort them in seconds to your Website if Google feels it is a good enough match. If you have out of date events, badly optimised content or pages that don’t work, Google won’t pick you.


“Our new website you designed Mo, is now at the top of Google and through your superb SEO skills I hardly need to spend any money on Pay Per Click.”
– UK Locksmiths Association

“We have recently used Mo @ Frank Comms to remake our website from scratch and are delighted at the result. We were really impressed at their ability not only to grasp and understand our needs (both pictorial and verbal) so thoroughly and so quickly, but also to make creative, and imaginative suggestions.. They were helpful and cheerful throughout, and a pleasure to deal with.”
– Cowen Disputes Resolution Ltd