Social Media Help!

“I set up a Social Media page with good intentions but what should I even be writing, linking, tagging etc. It is so difficult. I have done some postings but with only 27 people following me, it doesn’t seem worth it, so I avoid it”

STOP. No more procrastinating, as you are missing out from earning money. Get direction to tidy it up and make some plans with a friendly expert who gets it.  Let’s help you to start at least trying to create some money through these streams? Millions of people are scrolling on their phones at least 140 minutes a day and you need to be in front of them. The great thing about social media, is anyone can play. It is free and if people follow you this is a potential lead.

Remember, like a website, your Social Media groups can be found someone doing a Google search, so you have to get the description right and de-waffle it. A lack of regular posting or old info being displayed, makes you look disinterested in your business. Show your passion!

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST and TWITTER – are all completely different platforms. You often don’t need to be on of them, so let’s pick one and just get really good at it. It is not about numbers of followers, but the right people. We can help you set you up from scratch, if you are a tech-phobe. You don’t need anything to start but a good diary to track your postings and ideas.


Are posts happening regularly or at all? If they are not – it is probably that you might have got stuck on content, or worried about how your page will be viewed, how do you share an article? If someone asks a question, does it get answered quickly by you? If not, you need to get on top of this. It is your shop window, your house when you have a visitor. Tidy it up, be proud of your skill and passion and be responsive. 


The problem most Businesses have with Social Media is they don’t know where to start, or if they have, after a week becomes a chore….

Your target audience IS using Social Media so why aren’t you?

  • Social proof – Reassure clients that your business is reputable and can be trusted. If someone likes your page, the content is available to them, think of it as a conversation to your people. It isn’t only about numbers of followers however, but having the right people follow you, who will buy from you and you posting good, engaging content.


  • Humanise your brand – Followers want to see you, hear what you think, read testimonials of people’s interaction with you. Examples of ours are below. A tidy Instagram page is a must, aspirational quotes are used everywhere now to be honest nowadays and if your social voice irritates someone and clogs up their feed with waffle, they can quickly unfollow you. Goodbye lead.


  • A different sell  – You have a a small amount of words and time to do this, before they scroll on to look at something else. So we have to grab their attention quickly. A comment on something everyone is talking about and how your service or product could solve the problem is an idea? A testimonial or before and after comment, a video of someone using your product, all bring it to life.


  • Your competition is using it – Your industry or niche is represented on Social Media. Go to Facebook or Instagram search bar and type in what you do and see what comes up. You can then start to use # – Hashtags to target something relevant ie ‘Life Coaching, Dyslexia, Red Wine, Dog Grooming’ and put it in your posts. If you are regional, try and get the name of the place in your title.


  • Targetted Advertising on People’s Personal Pages –  This calls for a budget and allows to specify who you want to target and includes an image of your product or service unlike Google. For example you can pick users with a particular interest, geo targeting, age, males or females etc, making sure your advert is only ever displayed to those potential customers who would have an interest in your service or product.


“Mel from Frank Comms has been helping me with my Facebook account and I am very happy with her input, advice and results. She has managed to create more likes (one of my main objectives) and through her experience, made me make the page so much more interesting than I could have done, so directing more traffic to our services. She has also given me great tips and advice for promoting my business, plus saved me lots of time, so I am very happy with her service and feel it is a very successful relationship.”
– Mum and Baby Experience

“Been meaning to drop you a line just to let you know that we’ve had over 200 visits via Facebook in Jan so it’s working well. Thanks a lot for your efforts. Stacey is ace at running our social media campaigns.”
– Edusentials Ltd

“We have noticed a definite improvement on our Facebook Page and Twitter Feed since Mel started to help us. Our website is now on the front page in searches. There is a noticeable increase in interest on our pages, which we have seen through people responding to our posts or tweets. Our ‘likes’ and followers are constantly going up. We have been advised by Frank Comms for years now. They are nothing but helpful and we would recommend their Facebook and Twitter Power Hour, to anyone who sees social media as a huge question mark.”