It means ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, basically designing the best map that Google will use to find your Website and give you a position/ranking in the Search Engines (namely Google as it has 80% of all searches performed throughout the world). You will be rewarded you for how well your website matches that particular keyword a potential client is searching for. For this to happen your Website must be both ‘On site and Off site optimised’ for that Keyword. Very simply, ‘On Site’, is about incorporating content that uses phrases & words used by people who search for your product. ‘Off Site’ is about backlinks.

If you can get onto the front page of Google for a Search term or Keyword that relates to your business, you can drive so many people to your website.

How Can We Get Your Website High Up on Google?

1. We will help you identify Keywords (Search terms) that are being keyed into Google relating to your business, where the competition is beatable. We use state of the art tools to help you beat your competition.
2. Once we have both agreed on the unbeatable Search terms we will begin optimisation, both On site and Off site and send you monthly reports showing your position in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Mo won’t blind you with technical phrases, having worked as a Project Manager for years in IT & Telecomms, she knows how to talk to us, me included, in a way we can all understand. Ultimately we want you to get what we are doing as this is your Baby!

What is SEO? It’s more simple than you think

Shown below is a diagram of how your Website could appear on the front page of Google for your chosen search term. The red PPC box is the PPC – Pay per Click Advertising and the SEO is the “free” advertising where you do not pay Google, but the work involved to get you to that position. This can be very time consuming, and someone has to be prepared to spend that time working on SEO for your website. If it is not done, you really just have a ‘lost online brochure’ that no one will be able to find, unless you give them the actual Web Address.

After A POWER HOUR WITH MO and you identify that you would like help with your current Website’s Optimisation, Frank Comms can carry out this work for you at a monthly cost. Quotes on application.


“I would like to say how pleased I am with the friendly yet professional and effective service I have received from Frank Comms. I have found them to be proactive and a results driven solution to our advertising needs. Particularly with the online work they have done for us. We have had a noticeable increase in online enquiries, which results from the tailored search engine marketing programme. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for accurate and proficient advice as part of their marketing campaign.”
– Big K