Solid negotiation for the best rates coupled with our excellent long-standing relationships with the media, get Frank Comms’ clients the best positioning and rates. Using our in-house media software we are able to track down the best media for you in terms of audience and rates and if you have an advert ready, we can let you know of any late space deals when the publisher is desperate for a filler advert before going to print. If not have an advert ready our graphic designers can also help you.

Advance notifications of editorial opportunities means you can be positioned by relevant topics too.

Our obsession with the correct advert appearing in the best possible position, means you can relax in the knowledge that the entire process will be taken care of, letting you concentrate on converting those leads.

There are so many routes to market nowadays that it is best to leave the media to us, so you can concentrate on selling your product or service. Plus to help with monitoring your advertising spend, we can purchase you phone numbers or text words, which give superb tracking analysis.

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“Frank Comms have provided The Holiday Place with a fantastic service this year, promptly offering unmissable opportunities and always delivering eye-catching creative. In the past our offline advertising was largely ad hoc, rarely generating a positive ROI; now, however, we have resolved to develop a full 12-month strategy with them because we are confident that our brand and business will prosper greatly as a result of their considerable experience and guidance.”
– The Holiday Place

“Mel Sims at Frank Comms is an agency professional who always acts in the best interests of her clients, is a keen negotiator whilst fully appreciating the value of proven trusted media. Mel is also quick to run with new ideas and opportunities across all new digital platforms. She is valued friend and is a pleasure to work with”.
– Julia Woolley. FT UK Regional Business Manager – Yorkshire & North East, East Midlands, East Anglia & South East, Channel Islands & Gibraltar, Sponsored Maps & Supplements

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