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04 Mar 2014 Tips 1,126 Comments

WebsiteEvery company needs a good looking, easy to navigate, user friendly and value adding website which is not just online brochure ware!

Websites naturally need to look good, but they won’t win any awards if they are pretty, yet don’t generate sales interest or income.

The average amount of time spent on a website is seconds – so you have to be bold and quick as fluffy, scrolling, too clever’ websites turn people off – FACT!

We can help you from beginning to end and often it might not take longer than 10 days.

DID YOU KNOW- What you put on your website has a HUGE effect on how you appear in the search engines like Google. We have experts who work on this all the time. If you want to appear in the search engines this work must be done in the planning stage.

DID YOU KNOW – That even the copy and images that are placed on your website will affect your ranking in Google.

DID YOU KNOW – Before any work is done you must work out what keywords you want to target. Not sure what a keyword is? Thenclick here.

DID YOU KNOW – More and more hits to websites are coming from mobile phones – we can help you generate a website that will be mobile phone ready. For more details click here.

How Can We Help with Your Website?

1. We will help with the pre-planning – selecting keywords, deciding on how many pages your website needs, and the rough content.
2. We will then put together a design using our inhouse team. If you are on a budget we can give you a selection of templates we can use to make the whole design cheaper for you.
3. With our team of copywriters we will put together the words, making sure it is keyword rich and professionally written to ensure your company comes over the best it can.
4. Once all the above is signed off, we will get our technical team to code the website and put it in an area where you can do a final once over before it goes live.
5. Once approved we will make your website live.