What is Web Space?

04 Mar 2014 Tips 825 Comments

web-spaceAre you are thinking of having a website?

Then you will need some web space to host your website.

Web space is an area on a disk that is linked into the internet.The boxes look like those that come with a desk top PC and all the boxes are stacked on top of each other. It is usually held in what is called a server room (as shown to the left). You will need a piece of web space to put your web site code on, so everyone on the internet can find and see it.
DID YOU KNOW – Getting the right type of web space is important to your website. This depends on what you want on your website – for example if you want a form on your website the web space must be able to handle this.

DID YOU KNOW – That using the wrong type or ‘too slow’ web space can stop your website from being ranked in Google.

DID YOU KNOW – That using the wrong web space can take your website down for periods of time and you would never know, stopping you from getting business.

How Can We Help with Your Web Space?

1. We will rent you web space at extremely competitive prices. We will ensure that your website will run on the available web space.
2. For a very small extra charge we can set up a polling service that will check your website is live every 5 minutes – if it stops appearing, either you or our support team can be notified.
3. We will link your domain name to your web space to ensure when your domain name is keyed in, customers find your web site.
4. Not a lot of people realise how important reliable web space is. After many years in the business we have some of the best web space available and we still sell it at competitive prices.