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Advertising Specialists

The frank comms team members are advertising specialists. Their mission is to generate low cost enquiries.  

Direct Response TV (DRTV) is another very cost effective medium in terms of getting in front of your target audience and encouraging them to respond.

We make sure that your TV campaign appears in front of your target audience, attracting serious customers and sales.  The huge choice of channels on terrestrial and multichannels (now peaking at over 42 million viewers) means there is a plethora of targeted opportunities for you, thus making your advertising campaign about quality and quantity. Tell us your target audience and our experienced TVadvertising specialists will tell you your target channels and optimum times of day.

To achieve low cost enquiries, clients might spend as little as £3k per month for over 100 x 30 second spots on multichannel TV. Production of an average advert can cost less than £5k including scripts, music, voice over and production, making DRTV accessible to everyone.

We have had very happy clients who didn’t think they were big enough to try out TV but after a chat with our advertising specialists on potential cost per enquiries they did and never looked back….click here for examples of FEEDBACK.

Advertising specialists
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