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Our advertising agency is rather good at radio. We can come up with a script idea, record the advert, get it on air and heard by thousands of people, all within one week at a total buy-out cost of under £400 – easy peasy!

There are so many good stations out there and nowadays you can buy planned spots or if you fancy a flutter, on an auction style basis through Bid4Spots where you might get up to 70% off at superb time slots. The radio station which offers the best match to your target audience, at the lowest cost, wins. Imagine having a medium weight campaign on Capital, Heart FM, or Talk Sport for less than £10k with hundreds of spots or a weekly local radio campaign in Birmingham for just £500 for over 200 spots !

If you are targetting the ‘youth’ market then perhaps an online radio station is for you: is one option, where it is gaining popularity with youngsters hungry for music, as there is nothing to download, just  log on to website and listen immediately. We can target certain geo areas and age ranges as they will have put in their profile details. is another interesting buy, for targetting a higher demographic audience. This station allows you to target certain ages, geo areas and times of day, with an image being shown at the same time if desired. So there is no wastage buying through online radio stations where the listener has inputted their details – great to use alongside a Facebook or PPC Google campaign.

All examples of schedules can be prepared for you at no cost if you would like to see what you can afford. 

We will deal with getting you text words, if you want people to contact you the ‘modern’ way, providing you with daily stats so you can track the relevant peaks when your adverts go out – easy. We can sort out a set of different phone numbers in a day – easy. So just tell us what you want to advertise and let us organise the rest.  We bet you will be surprised how cost effective radio advertising can be.

Have a look at our PDF that explains 7 reasons why you should use radio advertising. Just click here.

You will find a selection of our advertising agency radio clients below:

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