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Newspaper AdvertisingClients of all sizes can benefit from our experience and respect in the world of newspaper advertising.

Good negotiation in regional/national newspapers and magazines, coupled with our excellent long-standing relationships with the media, get frank comms’ clients the best positioning and rates.

Advising you of late space in relevant titles plus advanced notification of editorial features, means your advertising budget will work harder and your business will benefit from the added endorsement.

Our in-house creative studio can provide the eye-catching newspaper advertising design for you and turn it around in under 2 hours if necessary.

Finally, our obsession with the correct advert appearing in the best possible position, means you can relax in the knowledge that the entire process will be taken care of, letting you concentrate on converting those leads.

frank comms is a small company with a big reputation rivalling many of the larger London advertising agencies (after all, we were there ourselves once!).  Each client gets treated the same – by experienced media planners and buyers with oodles of knowledge. You won’t be passed from new business to the media team, as soon as we have your business. You will have the same dedicated account director throughout and they’ll get to know you well, caring if you have kids, pet lizards, a favourite pasta dish or specific likes or dislikes.

So if you’ve never used an agency before, it’s quite simple – just tell us who you want to target, when and where, and let us put a media schedule together for you. Alternatively, if you’re already using an agency, challenge us to see if we can improve on their strategy and rates.

Tap into our benefits and service levels now – you will be very, very surprised!

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