07 Mar 2014 Tips 1,216 Comments

KeywordsWhat are Keywords?

The internet revolves around keywords. So what are keywords? Well they are what a user puts into the internet to locate the information/product/service that they are interested in.

Keywords do not have to be one single word. They can be made up of one or many words. (That really confused me the first time I found that one out!)

Keywords are mostly keyed into search engines like Google, but they may also be keyed into thousands of other places like Youtube, Facbook, Ezine articles etc.

What is so special about keywords?

Well let’s use Google as an example (Google has billions of searches performed on it each day)!

This is very briefly how Google and keywords work.

The Google robot builds a keyword directory based on the content of each website.

Google stores the massive keyword directory of all the websites in the world. In this directory it holds details of what those websites relate to by using the keywords.

When someone goes into Google and types in a search term (keyword), Google goes off to its massive directory and pulls out all websites that are related to that search term/keyword and tries to present the reader with the ‘best match’.

Now here is the thing – if you knew what the most searched keyword was for your business, you could add that exact term to your website and Google would know that you were very relevant for that keyword.

Wouldn’t that be great if your website appeared near the top of the search engine when you were offering exactly what the user was looking for?!!

keywords1How Can We Help with Your Relevant Keywords?

1. With the help of our specialist keyword research software we will find the most relevant keywords for your business.
2. We will then access the competition for those keywords.
3. We will then present this information to you, to allow you to choose which ones you feel would be best for your website.
4. If you have a particular keyword for which you would like to appear on the first page of Google, we will analyse the competition and tell you what work needs to be done to achieve this position in Google.