Drive Traffic to Your Website

07 Mar 2014 Tips 1,541 Comments

drive-trafficIf your website receives NO visitors then you are missing a big trick – FACT!

If you don’t even know how many visitors come to your website – then why not? You should at least have Google Analytics in place!

Just as you would advertise your business offline, if you have a website you want people to look at then you must take some action to make sure your website gets online traffic.

So in the ever changing world of the internet how can you drive interested traffic to your website?

Driving traffic to your website…….. a few helpful tips.

First off, if you have a website built, but you do nothing else with it you will probably NEVER be found – so you MUST do some website marketing.

Let’s face it….. if you had a thousand leaflets printed you wouldn’t throw them in a dark corner and expect people to knock on your door and ask for one? No – you would get out there and deliver them!

I know you thought the hard work was all over once your website had been built – sorry to disappoint but that’s only the beginning! Ideally you need to come up on the first page of Google for a search term that relates to your business and if not in Google, then maybe one of the other high traffic websites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

So what are the ways we can help you in driving traffic to your website?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – we have experts who are skilled in getting your website onto the 1st page of Google for your chosen search term. Want more info? Then click here.

PPC – Pay per click – There are lots of places you can pay to advertise your website on the internet. Did you know for instance that you can pay to advertise your website in any of these places Google, Yahoo, Facebook, You Tube, Amazon, Ebay, Yellow Pages, MSN? Click here for more information.

How Can We Help with Driving Traffic to Your Website?

1. Call us now. We can advise you on what might be the best method for you to get traffic to your website.
2. We can perform offsite and onsite SEO so that we can get you to the top of Google for a particular search term.
3. Prefer to use PPC to advertise your website? Then tell us and we can set up the campaigns and manage them to ensure you get good targetted traffic.
4. Want to see where your website vistors are coming from? We can set up many options from full analysis to a very simple website counter.