Domain Name

04 Mar 2014 Tips 852 Comments

If you are thinking of having a website you will need a domain name.

Most of you will probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, a domain name is the actual web address someone keys in to find your website.

DID YOU KNOW – The domain name you choose can affect where you appear in search engines like Google. Always try and choose a name with the relevant search term inside ie Yellow Toys , do not just use the name Yellow.

DID YOU KNOW – When you buy a domain name it belongs to you for a period of time, so for example most .com domains you get for a year, then you must renew.


How Can We Help with a Domain Name?

1. We will look at what you are trying to achieve with your website and help you make the right selection for a domain name for your business.
2. If you want, we can give you a few suggestions and help you make the right choice.
3. We will buy the domain for you if you require us to, or help you buy it.