What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing?

07 Mar 2014 Tips 1,096 Comments

As the name suggests email marketing is the use of email in marketing communications. What sort of email? In its broadest sense the term covers every email you ever send to a customer or a potential customer. In general, though, it’s used to refer to:- > Sending direct announcement emails

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First Page of Google Within Hours

07 Mar 2014 Tips 1,380 Comments

Get your business on the 1st page of Google for just £150p/month or £5 a day – no hidden extras and no contract. Frank Comms provides a successful approach to any company looking to improve their business through creating a new website that will appear high in Google or

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Drive Traffic to Your Website

07 Mar 2014 Tips 1,541 Comments

If your website receives NO visitors then you are missing a big trick – FACT! If you don’t even know how many visitors come to your website – then why not? You should at least have Google Analytics in place! Just as you would advertise your business offline, if

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07 Mar 2014 Tips 1,216 Comments

What are Keywords? The internet revolves around keywords. So what are keywords? Well they are what a user puts into the internet to locate the information/product/service that they are interested in. Keywords do not have to be one single word. They can be made up of one or many

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Your Website

04 Mar 2014 Tips 1,126 Comments

Every company needs a good looking, easy to navigate, user friendly and value adding website which is not just online brochure ware! Websites naturally need to look good, but they won’t win any awards if they are pretty, yet don’t generate sales interest or income. The average amount of time spent

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Email Set Up

04 Mar 2014 Tips 986 Comments

Once you have your domain and your web space you may well want to continue to make your company more professional, by having an email address that matches your domain name. For example www.frankcomms.com promotes our general email address info@frankcomms.com and all our staff have an email address ending in

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What is Web Space?

04 Mar 2014 Tips 825 Comments

Are you are thinking of having a website? Then you will need some web space to host your website. Web space is an area on a disk that is linked into the internet.The boxes look like those that come with a desk top PC and all the boxes are

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Domain Name

04 Mar 2014 Tips 852 Comments

If you are thinking of having a website you will need a domain name. Most of you will probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, a domain name is the actual web address someone keys in to find your website. DID YOU KNOW – The domain name you choose

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