You and I already know that getting your sales and marketing right is crucial to your success.

Sadly though, a lot of small to medium sized companies put their marketing to the back of the ‘to do’ list, occasionally moving it forwards slightly, then putting it back again when something else crops up.  Whereas marketing is the very function that tells people “WE ARE OPEN FOR YOUR BUSINESS”.

Stop burying your head in the sand! As far as your own marketing is concerned, maybe no one is actually responsible for it and you just get a few leaflets printed from time to time? Maybe your marketing person needs some help and is swamped but you don’t want to hire an assistant? Maybe the fact that you live and breathe the business means you need some unbiased help from someone who can see it through the eyes of a potential client?

Never think your business is too small to approach frank comms for some personal advice on how to increase your revenue through growth and please don’t assume that professional advice needs to cost you an arm and a leg – it doesn’t.  We charge fair rates, we are cost effective and we work very quickly as we believe in saying frankly how it is, thus cutting through the waffle normally associated with the marketing sector.

If you ignore marketing then you are obviously not serious about growing your business and you will find that your competitor will get that call and possibly that sale instead of you.  Don’t you want to grow your profits through new business or tell existing clients what else you do? Here at frank comms we have just one objective – for you to see us as your in-house marketing specialist, giving you a substantial increase in enquiries for your money. We won’t actually move in with you of course, although we might pop in for the odd cup of tea!

We will help you quickly move towards your goals, respect your time and the amount of money you can afford to spend and, of course, we will always keep our promise if we say we are going to do something.  Plus we will do it within the timeframe we agreed, a bit like a New Best Friend really!

So we look forward to hearing from you, for a quick chat or a cuppa!

Mel & The Team